Home moving is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Almost certainly everyone has gone through this stressful time.

Moving Boxes

One of the ways to introduce a structural organization in your house is to make an inventory of your items intelligently.

After all, if you’re already thinking about tag moving boxes, here are some tips to do it correctly.

Regardless of your moving, it is worth remembering that to achieve success deserve, you should try to label your moving boxes correctly.


Do not exist strict rules on how exactly you will label your boxes since it is an individual process that includes personal preferences and size of moving, but some guidelines must be followed:

  • Buy good quality permanent markers to label your boxes.
  • Use the color-coded labeling system, which is highly

efficient, that is, each color represents a room in the house.

  • Use the marker to specify the contents of each box.
  • After gluing the label to the contents of the box, reinforce it with transparent tape to help hold the label.
  • Also, buy colored ribbons of the corresponding color to help in the process of identifying the boxes.
  • For fragile items write CAUTION with large red letters to attract the attention of the carrier.
  • Number the boxes.
  • Create a list of the main inventory, where the contents of each box will be noted. For example in box 01 with a green label, contains your coffee maker and toaster, and this information is written on the label.

The Inventory

The inventory contains the information of all moving boxes, this way you can check any time and check if everything is right.

Labeling the boxes and making an inventory is not complicated, it is just something that you will need a lot of time and organization if you want to save time and avoid confusion on arrival at the new house the ideal is to hire movers in Toronto that offers the service packing and makes your move smoother.

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