The rural exodus is not a new concept, but it is rising in the last decades, which increases the search for smaller locations to live and by moving companies, at the same time there isn’t space anymore in the big cities

As financial growing possibilities are fewer for people in smaller towns, the rising movement of relocations to industrial centers increased. While the population kept rising, moving companies had to think about ways of using better the space left by so many new citizens in one crowded area. More than half of the world’s population, 54% to be exact, live in urban areas. By the year 2050, the prospect is that this percentage rises to 66%. Having this in mind, not only governments had to seek for ways to deal with it, but also the private initiative with their creative teams have been seeking for alternatives for this growing lack of space in people’s homes.

Smaller Locations can be a good alternative

Those alternatives, like Tokyo’s micro-apartments for example, are getting attention by clients. Mostly because they are cheaper to buy or rent. Which also increases the movement of other businesses, such as restaurants and laundries. It is not only cheaper for buyers but constructors, because they will use fewer materials to do the job. Not only that, but it generated also many franchises of storage companies.
Both containers and prefabricated houses are made in the same way. They use solar panels to get clean energy and it is a lot less expensive than regular condos.

The Design of smaller locations

These new projects are designed without kitchens or a service area, so it is only logical that the ones living in these apartments will have to order food in or go out to eat, which increases deliveries’ demands. The same goes for washing their clothes. Any time of crisis is an opportunity for companies to improve and start to provide new services.

The Location

These apartments, mostly located in urban centers, are called “capsules”, and the sizes are variable, but the tinier ones have 5m². Can you imagine living like that? Normally, in the “condos” there are just a bed and some space to put a table with a computer. The clothes are put in lockers in a hall where there will also be a common bathroom, separated by genders.

Call to moving companies

Moving companies that have storage facilities as partners are expanding their business to provide for these costumers’ container-made houses. The costs are fewer and you’ll need only the area where they will assemble it. From one day to another, the houses can get ready and many designers are involved to give them a modernist style. Using solar energy and limiting the use of water is not just a tendency, but an ecological necessity.

In the end of the day

The tendency is more for younger people to move from a small to a big city, to work or study. These smaller locations use containers for storage units. Now you can find even hotels around the world that utilizes them. In the central areas, but also airports. Many people, due to canceled flights or delayed ones, have to spend more time at the airports. Not only in these cases, but there are times when you have to wait a day for a flight connection. Thinking about that they constructed in their facilities capsule hotels so people can take showers and sleep. The capsules were a good idea because it solves the problem of space in their buildings. If you’re seeking for a company that provides these services, look for the list of the best-reviewed ones.

By Luiz Araujo



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