Check out all the moving companies tips we brought to you to make a smooth and organized move.

Take a note!

  • 1 – Instead of using bubble wrap, wrap breakable items in clothing. Wear enough clothes so that the items do not have space to move inside the box. If you don’t have enough clothes, you can fill cups and glasses with crumpled papers.
  • 2 – This tip for moving may seem quite obvious, but don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Instead, pack room by room and start with rooms that aren’t often used (like the guest room).
  • 3 – This tip will save you money and time. Leave your drawers intact. For example: remove a drawer from the dresser, leave the clothes in place, and simply line it with plastic or tape.
  • 4 – Place small parts (eg screws) in bags so that they are not lost during moving. You can use a piece of tape or a label to label the pieces.
  • 5 – Take pictures of how your electronics are connected so that you can see and remember how to set them up in your new home.
  • 6 – Use laundry baskets, buckets, suitcases, and garbage bags to store objects.
  • 7 – If you are bringing in professionals to deal with moving, be sure to read the fine print. Many moving companies are only responsible for broken items, but only if they have been packed by professionals. It may be a good idea to take photographs of valuables (including furniture) beforehand to document the condition.
  • 8 – Moving your address at least two weeks before leaving your current residence. This will help ensure that you receive all your bills and other correspondence where you will be.
  • 9Hire a nanny (or ask a friend or relative) to take care of children and/or pets on the day of the move.
  • 10 – To prevent the moving boxes from breaking, store light items in large boxes, and heavy items in small moving boxes.
  • 11 – Do not take with you items that you have not used for 1 year. Put up for sale on the used product websites or garage sales.
  • 12 – Consider taking a professional clean to your carpets by moving companies. In addition to not participating in the moving day, when they are clean they will be straight to their new home and ready for use.
  • 13 – Be aware of the space for the moving boxes in the truck. Make sure to fill in all the corners. If it helps, think of it as a Tetris game. It may be useful to designate a person (who is reasonably good at geometry) to stay in the truck and organize things.
  • 14 – Have some friends and family to help on a moving day. Do not forget to have some snacks and beverages to thank everybody.
  • 15 – Have a folder organized with receipts and telephone numbers of utility companies.
  • 16 – Involve children in the packing process. Often, children do not want to move, especially if it means changing schools. Getting them in the process can help them feel more confident and ready to face the unknown.
  • 17 – One of the most important tips for those who are moving is to prepare a box containing essential items.

In the end of the day

If you are in doubt if you have enough available time to perform these various tasks you should hire a moving companies. Let them take all the “weight” out of your hands



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